Electrical Services 101 Check-Sheet

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Here is a short introductory check-sheet that you could slap to your refrigerator door, figuratively speaking. The refrigerator being a favorite spot to place reminders, perhaps this could go top of the list for now. Long before your first electrical services sandwich ma callout you can already get into the sustainable habit of not doing things unnecessarily. Like opening and closing the refrigerator door howsoever many times a day.

And switching lights on and off during the evening hours when there’s still enough light to see. Leave the curtains open and the blinds up for a little longer and just you wait and see what a difference this could make to your already high energy bill. You could also leave the window fanlight open just a crack to let in some fresh air. And if it’s cold out? No matter. Why do you think grandma’s being knitting you those pullovers all these years?

Or wear a tracksuit. Cut down on your luxury hot water baths. The hot water geyser is one of the biggest power consumers under the domestic roof. Instead, take a quick blast of hot water in the shower. You’ll feel refreshed. And you’ll feel refreshed when you see next month’s energy bill too. Never leave the TV on if you’re not watching it. And never leave the PC on either if you’re not using it. Also, watch when you’re charging your mobile.

The moment it’s finished charging, and that only takes a few minutes anyway, pull the phone out of the recharger’s socket. Another energy saver in the kitchen. Switch to gas if you haven’t already done so already. And switch to LED light bulbs too if you haven’t done that already too. And then treat your apartment to a one on one inspection from your electrical services guy.