Top Components You Want In Your New Car

Picking out a new car can be a time-consuming endeavor.  Different makes, models, styles, classes and more will quickly make your head spin.  However, before making a final decision you will want to focus on some specific areas that will be in your vehicle. 

With today’s modern technology a lot of audio & video fresno ca equipment is being integrated into the cars today.  The first is voice recognition.  With voice recognition you are able to make phone calls, get directions and even tell the car to turn the AC to a specific temperature. 

The next feature that you want to look at is your comfort.  The seats of the cars now have a lot of technology built into them.  They are heated and cooled, can be adjusted and tilted in such a way that the driver and the passenger can achieve the perfect visual experience.

Collision detection

audio & video fresno ca

A lot of technology has been put into collision detection.  We start with a backup camera.  The backup camera will give you a visual view from the ground to the sky view as well as a fish eyed view from either side.  In some of the newer vehicles you will also receive a 360 degree camera that will give you a top down camera view of your car to ensure that you don’t hit anything around you.

Following this you have lane assist technology.  This technology will beep when you are going to drift outside of a lane or if something or someone is getting close to you in your lane.  With this collision detection technology, you are now in a safe driving bubble that will keep you alert on the road.

Driving can be stressful.  Knowing that you now have all of this technology at your fingertips will allow you to pick not just a suitable vehicle but a vehicle that will safe and secure.